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Removal of Large & Dangerous Trees

We offer planned removal of large and dangerous trees in Central Coast

To eliminate any long-tern problem, we highly recommend removing any dangerous tree from your compound. Ask our expert arborists the exact procedure to undertake the required service. Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists have experienced and qualified tree specialists who can easily remove large and dangerous trees. These are tagged to be risky as they can fall on passers-by or nearby building causing accidents. We will visit your location and ascertain if a tree or a group of trees can hinder the normal life.

How to recognise dangerous trees

Symptoms of dangerous trees include shaking root, movement in the entire structure, chipping at the base, building of soil all around the base, extreme sap formation, pest infestation, fungal infection and deadwood. For a commoner, it is not so easy to detect the early signs and thus can go unnoticed. Hence, it is recommended that you take help from professional arborists and opt for close evaluation and consultation. Call up experts right when you think something is wrong.


What will happen if a large dangerous tree is not noticed on time?

When a dangerous tree is ignored, it can be a risk for its surroundings like the area and the plants nearby. There is also chances that it will fall during the storms. A tress infected with wood decay and insects is prone to losing its strength. There can be accidents sooner or later and so it is recommended to call up professional arborists and consult.

How do you deal with dangerous trees?

Evaluation is the first process of detecting a risky tree. Evaluation is undertaken on the condition of the tree along with the nearby area and only then determine the way to get rid of it. The procedure changes depending on the individual case. Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists use advanced and heavy machinery like cranes for the process.

Will the property owner be responsible for any hazardous trees?

For a commoner, it is difficult to detect when a tree turns dangerous. Hence, the owner of a property is not liable for any risky trees in his property. In case you find anything suspicious, at once you should call us the expert arborists and get the tree or group of trees inspected.