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Land Developments

Get affordable land development services from Chop 'n' Drop Tree Specialists

Our expert consultants have years of experience and know every nook and corner of land development and tree placement. It is very crucial to sit for a consultation before establishing a plan for land development. When you hire Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists, be assured that you will be getting the perfect plan for the project. If you have any queries, get in touch with us at 0413598097 or go through the FAQ section to know more about our services.

Why should you opt for a professional consultation on land development?

At Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists, you will get answers to all of your worries. We excel in sectors like reports on trees, preservation, maintenance and even sort help to get concerned council approval. An arborist can be of great aid in planning out the entire project work. For instance, he can be of great help with understanding the tree species and how well will the created plan work on the site. Depending on the site, we will also assist in picking up the suitable trees that can sustain at the location.


Will Chop 'n' Drop Tree Specialists communicate with the council on my behalf?

We will absolutely liaise with the council for any kind of approval. This is a part of the entire process and we follow it ardently when it comes to land development projects.

How do you quote for land development work?

After a thorough consultation, the ultimate price is quoted to the client. The price varies depending on the work to be done, so there is no fixed rate. Some projects may cost $500 whereas an entire land development can go anywhere near $10,000. However, we offer a free consultation. Call us to know more about the services we offer.

What are the areas you cover?

We mainly cover Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie. Don’t worry if you are not situated in these areas, as we cover the nearby places as well. You can call us for tree removal, pruning, wood chipping or removal of large trees.

What are the insurance policies you possess?

All of our team members along with other machineries and infrastructure are insured. We have:

  • QBE Comprehensive Insurance
  • Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Plant Insurance
Do you offer your services in emergencies as well?

We do extend our hands in emergencies as well. We have helped people during storms and harsh climate. We will make sure that you along with your neighbourhood remains safe.