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Block & Land Clearing

Be it a huge block or land clearing, Chop 'n' Drop Tree Specialists is your solution

We are equipped to work on different kinds of block and land clearing projects in parts of Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie. If you have any queries, you can go ahead, talk with our expert arborists on 0413598097, and make an appointment for any project. Some of your queries will also be answered in our FAQ section below. Looking forward to associating with you soon.

Why are block and land cleaning necessary?

Residential and commercial properties look forward to block and land cleaning to engage lands in new projects. Block and land clearing are necessary for underground and overground construction, erect commercial buildings and town halls etc. In recent times, this process is also commenced to mitigate bushfire in Australia. Approval from the concerned authority is recommended when a huge area is going to be evacuated.


What equipment is used in block and land clearing?

Removal of trees from an area is called block and land clearing. It involves excavators of 5 to 20 tons depending on the work to be done. We will arrive at the property on time specified and also undertake process like stump removal.

How much time does the entire process require?

The time varies depending on the work and the number of trees. Generally, it takes the least time and Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists aims to finish the job within the stipulated time. There should be free access to the land that is to be cleared for quick processing.

What is the cost of block clearing?

Block and land clearing cost vary expressively depending on the extent of work. After a consultation, our arborists confirm the final rate. Call our experts on 0413598097 to have a descriptive consultation and then select the best option in your case.

What does firebreak clearing mean?

In forested areas, bushfires are a common phenomenon that can gulp down a huge zone within minutes. Firebreak clearing is used in these areas to create a gap in vegetation to mitigate the expansion of fire by cutting down the route to combustion materials. In some places, this step is also undertaken by the government for controlling and protecting landscapes.