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About Chop 'n' Drop Tree Specialists

We are Newcastle’s number one choice for all your tree services with leading Arborists with over 10 years rich experience within the industry. The best of your interest is our priority.

With us by your side, you can ditch any sub-contractors and multiple companies. We offer superior quality tree services that include removal, stump grinding, wood chipping, pruning, land clearing, removing dangerous trees, tree recycling, transplanting and tree loppers Newcastle. Along with this, you will also be served with liabilities encompassing land developments, risk prevention and getting accurate arborist reports and assessments.

Trust us with your work as we provide high-quality tree services at an affordable rate. We house state-of-the-art equipment and gears to be independent of any reliance. We aim to offer the best service in the regions like Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie.

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Our Services

Tree Removal Newcastle

Our arborists are experienced in all kinds of tree removal

Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping

Get affordable stump grinding and wood chipping services

Tree Pruning

Clean up and retain the aesthetics of the decorative trees

Block & Land Clearing

Ask our experts any queries regarding block and land clearing

Removal of Large & Dangerous Trees

Large and dangerous tress needs to be professionally removed

Tree Recycling & Transplanting

Make sure to contact us for any form of tree recycling and transplanting

Land Developments

We offer unique land development and tree placement ideas

Tree Risk Prevention

Our arborists are expert in all kinds of tree risk prevention situations

Arborist Reports & Assessments

We offer reviews and reports on different varieties of trees in a site

Are you looking for a professional tree service near you?

Contact us for any tree service of varying intensity and we will make the work happen. Our experts can also offer consultation for any situation relating to trees. Affordability and quality work are our reasons to thrive.

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Reasons to hire us

1. Safety

Removing tress especially the bigger ones is hard and dangerous. There can be liability contained as well for the rotting trees. Hire only professionals for an accurate result. Our experts will give the best solution.

2. Certifications

All of our experts are certified for the work they perform. Individuals are arborists certified having professional training in plant science. All of our arborists have acquired AQF 5 or certificate 3 on arboriculture.

3. Industry Regulation

Make sure the tree service professional you are hiring comes under the purview of industry regulation. Be aware of the impostors posing as professional tree removers without having any qualification.

4. Cost Effective

We believe in cost effective way of undertaking work. Be assured that the entire work will be completed well within time without any additional time. You will be saving huge in your future by a permanent fix right now.

5. Reporting & Council Approval

We will get all the required approval from the council before starting to work on the project. Reporting and approval are required in some tree removal and only an arborist will know different land clearing services and help in getting the approvals.

6. Price

We keep our rates clear and present in a professional format. Don’t fall for cheaper rates as they can be unqualified to perform the work and look for scopes to grab a good deal while delivering poor quality work.

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