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Tree Risk Prevention

Tree risk prevention in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas

When you hire expert arborists from Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists, be assured that you will get the best. We offer tree risk prevention as part of our consultation. We will have a closer view of the situation and then go on to assess the present situation. Safety for each of the trees is our prime concern and we make sure the client understands the condition and what needs to be done.

What is tree risk prevention?

Trees are always dangerous to work with and needs a constant watch. Tree risk prevention process includes protecting the health of every tree present at the site, pruning the trees and removing dead trees to safeguard the surrounding trees from being affected. Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists will lessen any risk involved. Call us on 0413598097 to get free quotes or fix an appointment with our expert arborists.


What are the tree risk prevention services you offer?

Some of the tree risk prevention services that we offer include:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree assessment reports
  • Free consultation
How do you deal with trees encroaching on electricity lines?

Tree risk prevention services also include protecting them from high voltage electricity lines. If you spot any tree encroaching on power lines, call up the electricity department immediately. We can take care of such situation even before it occurs when the tree has not gone beyond its limit. Call us immediately if you sense any such situation nearby.