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Tree Pruning

Get affordable tree pruning Newcastle, Hunter Valley and nearby areas

Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists offers quality tree pruning service at any property be it residential or commercial. At times, some trees need not be chopped down completely but require some cleaning up to stay healthy. This is where our tree pruning arborists expertise. In this process, we work on removing unwanted branches and stems from parts of the tree. Prevention of damage and decay is also possible through this process at large.

Prune the trees to prevent encroachment as well

As plants and trees grow, they tend to extend their branches and encroach over neighbouring roofs and buildings. There can be a hindrance because of the branches like restricting natural light or degrading the overall look of the property. Hire expert arborists from Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists and discuss with them the entire process of tree pruning. They will be able to tell you whether you need pruning and if yes, to what extent.


When is the best time to prune trees?

In Australia, pruning is suitable in the winter months. Reasons for undertaking the process during the colder months include oozing of less sap that is healthy for plants in future. This is also done during the colder months as the growth of trees drops during this time. Tree pruning should be avoided during summer months as extensive natural heat affects the trees, the growth is maximum during this time and there is a risk of fungus infection to trees.

What involves in tree pruning?

Never hire a company that indulges in chopping down the entire tree just because it looks dull or is encroaching onto other buildings. Hire only professionals like Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists who will first step in to prune trees rather than cut it. We work in different parts of Australia like Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie. The magnitude of work depends completely on the type of tree and location. We will make sure that the tree doesn’t die.

Can I prune trees myself ?

It is highly advised not to attempt tree pruning in a DIY method, as it can be extremely dangerous. Hire professionals like Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists for the purpose. You can, however, attempt to prune smaller plants and shrubs that are at arm’s reach.

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