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Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping

Look for Chop 'n' Drop Tree Specialists for Stump grinding and wood chipping

At Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists, we look forward to offering best in class job at an inexpensive rate. We are one of the reputed tree specialists in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie area. We are equipped with some of the most advanced stump grinding and wood chipping gears that can perform most efficiently. In the stump grinding process, we eliminate the majority of the root to restrict or lessen the growth of the tree in future.

What is wood chipping?

Wood chips are used to cover the surface layer of the soil to retain the moisture within the earth. Wood chips that we use in the process include grass, straw, leaves, hardwood material, compost and coffee grounds. These are good to be used on garden beds to restrict erosion along with the growth of weeds and unwanted plants. To know more about the process and carry it out your property, call our arborists right now.


What is the overall cost of stump grinding?

At Chop ‘n’ Drop Tree Specialists, our expert arborist will examine the work needed and according to the size of the project, quote the rate. Rate of a project also depends on machinery to be used. For more information and service, call us on 0413598097.

What is the wood chipping process?

Wood chipping can be done in multiple ways and we are expert in doing it. We own industrial graded wood chipper that can perform the work within minutes. Another process that we follow is stump grinding that is applicable for large stumps.

What will happen if a stump is not removed?

When a stump is not removed that should have been, it can pose to be hazardous. Physical hazardous and stepping accidents can occur at any time. Other risks can be – growth of fungus and mildew on the stumps emitting dangerous fumes. These can degrade the health of other nearby plants as well. Thus our stump grinding Newcastle experts come into picture.

How can wood chips help?

Wood chips can be of great value to gardens and landscapes. These are low maintenance, offers an exquisite aesthetics and is beneficial to plants and soils as well. It traps the water in the soil thus preventing water loss through evaporation.

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